Hearts Juniors

Teenie and Tynie are the official Hearts mascots! They've been around for a few years and have caused plenty of mayhem along the way.

As well as being seen at every home Matchday they also attend a whole host of events at Tynecastle and around the region.

But who are they really, and what do they like? Let's find out with our exclusive profile of the mischievous pair!

Teenie & Tynie

Name: Tynie Tiger (pictured above in home kit)
Age: 14
Colour of eyes: Blue
Favourite player: Kevin McHattie
Favourite food: Hearty Harry's steak pie and chips
Best joke: How did the football pitch end up as a triangle? Somebody took a corner!
Top game: Hearts 5-1 Hibs (2011/12 Scottish Cup Final)
Best friend (other than Teenie): Nuts the Squirrel! He's nuts.
Brothers and sisters: Yes, one sister who is married with 10 cubs.
Favourite pop star: Justin Bieber

Teenie & Tynie Tiger

Name: Teenie Tiger (pictured above in away kit)
Age: 11
Colour of eyes: Maroon
Favourite player: Andy Webster
Favourite food: Frosties…Theeeey're Greeeat!
Best joke:
What does a footballer and magician have in common? Both do hat tricks!
Top game: Hearts 5-4 on penalties (2012/13 Scottish Communities League Cup Quarter-Final)
Best friend (other than Tynie): Tony the Tiger (from Frosties). We go back a long way.
Brothers and sisters: Two Brothers who are both in the circus!
Favourite pop star: One Direction

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