The club would like to remind all supporters of the no-smoking policy currently in place at Tynecastle.

Smoking - including electronic cigarettes - is prohibited in all areas of the stadium, and fans' co-operation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Stewards and police will be enforcing this policy vigorously throughout the season to help ensure we continue to meet ground regulations.

"The club views the use of cigarettes, including the electronic variety, within the stadium very seriously and as such would appeal to all fans to avoid the temptation to 'light up' once through the turnstiles," said a spokesman.

"As soon as supporters enter the stadium, they are in a no-smoking zone and we would ask all fans to respect that.

"Additionally, while half-time can often be seen as a convenient time to unwind with a friend or fellow-fan over a cigarette on the concourses, we would urge all fans to wait until after the match when they are clear of the ground, to indulge.

"Police and stewards will be very vigilant and will enforce the policy with vigor throughout the season at Tynecastle."

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